HR and Admin Officer


Primarily responsible for handling the dealership recruitment requirements, benefits transactions, timekeeping, and initial admin cases investigations. Also responsible for handling dealership admin asset management, service vehicles recording and facilities management. Acts a contact person of dealership for all HR and Admin concerns.



1. Receives and checks the Manpower Requisition Form for job vacancies and endorses the same to UAAGI HR Head for approval.

2. Posts approve vacancies at HR job portals.

3. Screens and shorlists applicants for vacancies basing on the qualifications and job description given by the requesting head.

4. Facilitates examination of applicants and conducts initial or behavioral interview of applicants.

5. Prepares Job Description, contracts and other recruitment documents. Forwards the same to UAAGI HR Supervisor for 201 filing.

6. Gathers pre employment requirements and forwards the same to UAAGI HR Supervisor after filing to 201 file.

7. Creates new employee’s 201 file.

8. Routes and introduces newly hired to Cainta and Pasong Tamo team.

9. Encodes newly hired profile accurately and timely to AMS.

10. Coordinates with the requesting Department Manager on status of vacancies.

11. Prepares recruitment reports and submits the same to the UAAGI HR Supervisor and UAAGI HR Head on a weekly basis.


1. Receives requests for government offices loans and endorses the same to UAAGI- HR Assistant for Benefits for processing. Monitors the same until loan amount are credited to concerned employees. Encodes government loans timely and accurately into the AMS.

2. Endorses government benefits claims documents to UAAGI HR Assistant for Benefits for processing. Keeps track of the endorsed documents until benefits are credited to employees account and reimbursement documents are submitted to UAAGI HR Assistant for Benefits.

3. Receives HMO requests and endorses the same to UAAGI – HMO in-charge.

4. Receives and reviews other benefits concerns and endorses the same to UAAGI HR Assistant for benefits for processing of approval.

5. Coordinates with HR UAAGI any incident reported. Conducts initial investigation of all incident reports.

6. Processes one- hub reports of dealership.


1. Receives and processes request for Certificate of Employment for clearance of HR head and signature of General Manager.

2. Prepares holiday memo and announces the same to all employees of dealership once approved by UAAHI HR Head.

3. Encodes overtime and leave of dealership employees. Coordinates with UAAGI HR Officer for Timekeeping and payroll for any payroll and timekeeping related concerns.

4. Endorses request for uniforms to UAAGI HR Supervisor for processing.

5. Oversees the health and safety implementations of the dealership.

6. Attends to DOLE inspections when needed, with the guidance of UAAGI HR Supervisor and UAAGI HR Head.

7. Monitors probationary contracts of proby employees of dealerships. Triggers reminders to UAAGI HR Supervisor the preparation of HR documents.

8. Coordinates with UAAGI HR Supervisor the annual appraisal of all dealership employees. Assists in the timely facilitation of annual performance appraisal.

9. Conducts exit interviews to separating employees not later than employee’s last day of reporting to work.

10. Processes clearance of resigned employee. Triggered/Endorsed to UAAGI- HR Supervisor on the last working day of employee.

11. Keeps inventory of all uniforms. Processes and issues uniform request of LIMI employees after approval of UAAGI HR Head.

12. Releases last pay of dealership resigned employees.


1. Timely communicates to UAAGI Admin team any transfer of asset and prepares and endorses Accountability form for approval of UAAGI HR Head.

2. Ensures that all new assets are tagged properly.

3. Conducts annual inventory of all assets.

4. Assists to any concern on building and facilities concern and endorsed the same to UAAGI Admin Head for approval.

5. Attends to requests of repair for service vehicle and endorses the same to UAAGI Admin team for processing of approval with Admin Head.

6. Coordinates service vehicle repairs with concerned parties.

7. Encodes service vehicle repair into the FMS timely.

8. Maintains inventory of all office supplies for Cainta and pasong Tamo dealership. Coordinates with Purchasing on any supplies for purchase.

Performs other work assigned from time to time by UAAGI HR Supervisor and UAAGI HR Head.

Willing to be assigned in Sta. Rosa Nueva Ecija

Minimum education level: Bachelor´s DegreeYears of experience: 1Language(s): English Availability for travel: NoAvailability for change of residence: NoOFERTA_DISCAPACIDAD OFERTA_DISCAPACIDAD_YES

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