EPS Platform Admin and Data Analyst for an IT Consulting in the US (Home Based Part Time)

Key Duties and Responsibilities:
Manage and QA/QC entire BEC e-Commerce process to include:
Receive catalog of products from multiple BEC wholesalers.
Assess product offerings, research competitive pricing, and structure appropriately priced BEC offerings.
Coordinate, review, edit, and submit BEC offerings via the ePS Account Manager; submit any special pricing deals or sales advertising through the Project Mgr./ Mktg Admin. for posting on the BEC website, via digital e-mail marketing and/or cold calls.
Manage all aspects of customer returns and customer education on BEC/ePS e-Commerce systems and policies.
Take personal responsibility for customer experience and satisfaction.
Produce sales and accounting reports through the ePS e-Commerce System, forwarding information to required departments/personnel.
Reconcile all sales records with the bookkeeping department weekly, closing out all records monthly with the accounting department.
Validate accounts payable to ensure the bookkeeper pays the credit card processor, wholesale product providers, ePS and makes consumer refunds promptly.
Conduct quality control checks.
Review and update policy to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and regulatory compliance with all BEC e-Commerce Program requirements.
Conduct special orders in response to Government or Commercial requirements.
Additional duties as required
Must Haves:
· 3+ years experience as an e-Commerce platform manager or data analyst; appropriate IT/ research/ data analysis experience of suitable types is an appropriate substitute
· Excellent project management skills with strong attention to detail
· Ability to quickly understand technical concepts and thrive in a highly technical environment
· Accountable for deadlines
· Ability to work effectively with a myriad of employees from our partners: examples include our partners’ client service personnel, ordering clerks, deliverymen, and mid-level management in order to adequately coordinate order fulfillment, product pricing, merchandise returns, product promotions, etc.
Nice to Haves:
· 5+ years experience in sales & customer service is preferred
· 3+ years experience in procurement for the Department of Defense (DoD) and/or other Government agencies is preferred
· Ability to quickly develop a deep knowledge of our products & capabilities.
· Ability to effectively communicate, interact with and educate key persons in our supply chain at all levels, and existing and potential BEC customers.
· Ability to develop and deliver compelling, and professional sales calls to prospects and leads.
· Ability to articulate the value proposition of BEC's products and services to different audiences and in a variety of formats.
Home Office Requirements:
Please only apply for this role if you have the following home office requirements:
· Perfectly working headset and webcam
· Stable internet connection of at least 5 Mbps
· Up to date computer system with a minimum of Windows 8 or Mac OS X
· Quiet room with no distractions or background noises
· A backup plan if the power goes out or if your internet connection becomes unstable during your shift
Only applicants meeting the strict criteria above will be contacted.

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